<aside> 🛑 These consulting projects were been put on hold pending the Skillsoft acquisition. We’re hoping to start them in June.


<aside> 👋 Hi! This page keeps track of the projects I, Josh Goldberg, am being sponsored by Codecademy to work on. These are mostly open source and globally useful projects. For more info, see Josh Open Source Sponsorship and my announcement blog post.



Codecademy Pairing Sessions

We’re planning on having me be free for 3 hours of pairing blocks a week with Codecademy developers during a to-be-determined set time. Some of these might be live streamed publicly. We’ll set up a shared Slack channel where devs can sign up to attend those: either to pair with me on my tasks or otherwise knowledge share / ask for help.

Check back by May for details!

Monthly Tracking

June 2022